Recessed Curtain Tracks

Recessed curtain tracks from Somfy, Lutron and Silent GlissReese Tracks to recess Somfy GlydeaRecessed motorized curtainsRecessed drapery tracks

Perfect Fit Tracks and end-sets

Reese™ is a perfect fit recessed curtain track solution to recess drapery systems from companies such as Somfy, Lutron, and Silent Gliss. When curtain tracks are installed the result is a minimalist design where curtain tracks fully blend in flush with the ceiling.

Tracks and end-sets are available with skim coat flanges or with chamfered edges for bending. The track and end-set are plastered in flush with the ceiling to form a mini pocket. Tracks and end-sets can be emulsion painted to perfectly match the ceiling.
Concealed blind and recessed curtain track

Reese track and Blindspace box

When combining recessed curtain tracks and Blindspace boxes the curtain can stack under the Blindspace cover.

Skylight blinds with no visible wires
Dual recessed curtain tracks

Dual recessed curtain tracks

Two recessed curtain tracks, separated by a distance to allow for wider end-sets on each track.

Dual recessed curtain tracks close-up

Recessed curtain tracks close-up

Close-up showing how the recessed track profile is fixed with counter-sink screws through skim coat flanges.

Datasheets and Technical Drawings

There is currently a one-size curtain tracks with different end-sets for different curtain systems.
Recessed tracks and end-sets to house curtain tracks from Somfy
Recessed tracks and end-sets to house curtain tracks from Silent Gliss
Recessed tracks and end-sets to house curtain tracks from Lutron
Reese Track
Reese S1F
Reese SG1F
Reese L1F

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